Things that mad Scott likes to do:

I enjoy writing a personal blog when I have something to say. It is usually political soapbox ranting, but I also put news, science fiction tidbits, entertaining videos, and that sort of thing up there too. I started blogging in Blogger, but quickly moved to WordPress software on my own site as Blogger is quite frustrating.

Dancing: Ballroom, Social, Modern, Folk - all are fun. My favourite dance tunes sorted by rhythm are being listed slowly.

Gilbert in ArmorLiving History Reenactment: Educating people about history is important.

Computers: tools, toys, career - these things keep me fed and clothed right now...

Surfing: I wish I was closer to a real beach with real waves. Very little compares to being stationed in Hawaii, and having access to the Summer waves of Eva Beach and the Winter waves off the North shore of Oahu. For body surfing and boogie boards it has to be Sandy Beach, Oahu though.

Sailing: Like surfing, this is a hobby that is no longer active, but I wish to take it up again.

Soaring: Quite possibly one of the greatest pleasures in life.

SCUBA Diving: I first got certified by Joe Nadel after taking the PADI open water SCUBA course while on temporary duty at Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan in 1987. I think that tropical coral reefs are one of the most beautiful sights in the world, and the sense of freedom you have while floating, effectivly weightless, in the water is exhilerating. I have missed diving for a long time, but managed to slip in a resort dive at Negril, Jamaica in May of 1997. Erci and I are getting back into diving through Adventure Scuba (Chantilly, VA) with several friends from work. Matt Davis is our instructor, and we are having a ball. I will try to keep my online dive logs up to date.

Archery: is something I am trying to pick up. It should be a lot easier with the beautiful new longbows that Bill Darr of WhipperWil Archery made for me. One is a Yew longbow, 28" draw length, 58 pound draw weight; the other is ash, 28" draw length, 30 pound draw weight.

Falconry: is a fascination. Wouldn't it be nice to fly your own peregrine or tiercel?

Wargames are something I never have enough time to play. My favourites are Pax Britannica (suggested changes), Kingmaker, Third Reich, and Battle of the Bulge.

My Aquariums: help keep one from getting too stressed.

Football: real football that is, Americans call it Soccer.

Games: miniatures, board games, information games, play-by-mail games. Especially Flying Buffalo games like Illuminati and Starweb. Iron Crown Enterprises has a few fun games too.

Volleyball: a good game is more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

Cycling: a ride on my HP Velotechnik Street Machine GT is one way to relax, and the best way to see the local area. For rugged trails and hills I switch to an old Trek 6000 aluminum mountain bike.

Warhammer: this fast paced miniatures game has caught my attention. It is really a great scam to separate hobbyists from their money, but the armies look so cool! I plan to do an army of Orcs and Goblins, and I need to make them ready to fight off those self-righteous Bretonnians (Peter and Alex) and Wood Elves, not to mention those pesky Lizardmen and Skaven (Bob).
Vault of Warhammer Knowledge
A Warhammer Page
Blackwind & Raddix Gaming
Major General Tremorden Rederring's Colonial-era Wargames Page
XXXenoPhile, a fun adult card game

Woodworking, Hand Sewing, and Leatherworking, at least enough to make replicas of medieval artifacts.

Soccer and Volleyball are the two sports I wish I had more time to play.

Current Periodicals: Utne Reader magazine, social and political commentary, stimulating articles
Gear Magazine, light men's interests with some interesting articles on sexuality and politics
National Geographic, a mainstay
Smithsonian Magazine
Macworld, for the Macs in our house
Science News
SexLife Magazine, published by Zygote - appears to be discontinued... sigh

Travel to historically significant sites and exotic places, or simply to places where I can relax, read, scuba dive, swim, study, or contemplate my navel.

Things mad Scott raves about;
Things mad Scott would wishes he could get; and

Actually, Scott is not the only one who is mad, other madmen are:

Gilbert Mercer, a 14th century English Archer

Duncan Tiercel MacLeod, a 14th century Scot

Mad Scott's amusements of the moment:

Seen on the wall in Payne's diner in Centreville: "Diet, Exercise, Die anyway."

"Life is too short for mediocrity." (Hey, this is my own!)

"Evolve." (WHFS 99.1, where Bob Waugh broadcasts from)

"Make up your own mind." (Common Amiga Owner's Slogan)

Useful Stuff:

Links to Programming Languages.
The Birthday Dirge
Links to Computer Information.
List of Computer Security Information links.
What Movies are playing...
Internet Movie Database
What to do if your identity is stolen
Lessons in Gaelic
Recent Earthquakes
Links about Northern Virginia.
Washington National Airport
Washington Dulles Airport (possibly the world's worst airport)
BWI Airport
Currency Exchange Rates
Goodwoods British Market
R&R Auto Service has an excellent arrangement - you find the best internet deal on a part or tire, bring them the URL and you pay them the internet price plus a reasonable labor fee and you get your auto fixed. Fantastic. Best of both worlds, internet choices, local service. You have to admire a business that has figured out how to excel in a changing world.

Personal Stuff:

Links about History and Legends.
The Music and Arts I like.
Weinstein Galleries, select Contemporary Artist Gallery, then Gabriel Picart to see some of the paintings Erci and I have now.
Links about Interests and Hobbies.
Home pages of my friends.
My views on Citizenship and Politics.
List of Babylon 5 episodes I have on tape.
My resume, though I am not looking.
Photo Gallery

I am trying to learn to design better (more readable) web pages. My template is available. I am learning by reading "Creating Killer Web Sites" by David Siegel, who, while very opinionated, writes an excellent treatise on using page layout design principles to make web pages more understandable.
        I am also (as I have time) trying to make my web pages more accessible. By more accessible, I mean that I want people with any web browser to be able to access and read my pages. If you are using a non-standard web browser, and have trouble reading my pages, please let me know by sending mail to me at snolan@aol.net. There is a campaign to make more pages accessible, tips can be found at Optimize your Site! and at Consumer Choice in Web Browsers. The World Wide Web Consortium has a lot of info on building web pages. Read AmigaPhil's home pages for more information on accessability.

Junk Busters has tips on fighting Spam, cold calls, junk mail, etc
Privacy Net has usefule Privacy and Security tips.
AdBusters has interesting anecdotes and commentary on how free we really are in the United States, and if our country's government serves it's people or it's corporations. It is also a reference site for stunning design examples regardless of the political message.
Design Interventions
Anti-DMCA, the Digital Millenium Copyright Act is being abused by corporations for their private agendas, and it is designed to penalize the average citizen rather than the pirates it should be addressing. Niels Ferguson, why he's against DMCA
ZDNet Article about DMCA
OptOut are products that help you recover from a SpyWare infestation or detect on happening. The Counterexploitation website has The Trouble With Spyware & Advertising-Supported Software, an interesting article on the subject of SpyWare/AdWare and how it can harm your system, and their adware/malware article has more information on specific programs. Use Ad-Aware and ZoneAlarm will help you prevent Spyware from happening. There a primer on SpyWare at ACCS

We are building a new home, and our New Home Design Ideas are online to help us coordinate with our builder and collect ideas and solutions.

The Red Cross has a guide for how to prepare your family for disaster. Chec it out http://www.redcross.org/services/disaster/keepsafe/unexpected.html.

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