Travel History and Travel Information Websites

        I got rather spoiled growing up as a US Air Force dependant and then spending ten years on active duty in the US Air Force myself. I spent seven years of my childhood in Suffolk, England; got to see Gernamy, Holland, Italy, Greece, and a few other places in Europe as a child. I have lived in Northern Japan, Southern California, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Virginia, Mississippi, Maine, Upstate New York, and I have spent summers in Okinawa, Oklahoma, Indiana, Okinawa, and Greece.
        That got me used to traveling and seeing things from more than one point of view. I have continued to travel whenever Erci and I get a chance. Some of our trips include: Las Vegas, San Fransisco and the San Jose Valley, Michigan, England, Greece, Turkey, Mallorca, Jamaica, Pennsylvania, New York City, Williamsburg, Leeds (UK), and Massachusetts.
        We are trying to fin in planned trips to Japan, India, England (yes again, medieval research after all), Belgium, France, Germany, Sweden, Bonaire, Cozumel, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Estonia, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Czech Republic, Autria, Denmark, Arizona, Colorado, Vermont, West Virginia, Canada, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Nepal, Malaysia, Hawaii, and Florida.
        When we travel, we like to find out about a place before we go there, we use the following information sites:

Travel Channel
Hotel Discounts
Vacation Rentals By Owners

We skip the "big three" online travel services (travelocity, expedia, and priceline) because they all suck. Better off going direct to the airlines for airfares, hotels for lodging, etc.

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Last updated: October 12th, 2001