How to send me email

        It is really a shame that I can't make it easy for legitimate viewers of this page to send me email by simply clicking on a link that brings up their mail program, but there are now so many web crawling robots that collect mailto reference tags for the spammers to use that I decided to remove them from my own web page.
        To send me email, just view the picture at the bottom, and manually type that address into your mail program of choice. Note, if you are unable to see the gif image, you'll see the ALT tage and need to replace the word "at" with an at sign (@).
        To learn more about how you can reduce the junk mail and spam that you get, check out Junk Busters (, an excellent site decicated to reducing the crap we have to put up with in our daily lives.

Author: Scott Nolan, Email address: snolan at
Last updated: August 7th, 2001