Monday, July 12, 2004

Dive trip to San Pedro, Belize with Stacey, Angelica, Mike, Joan, Bill, Jan, and Erci. We stayed at the lovely Ramon's Village (which has lots and lots of shade, an excellent pool, and it's own dive shop). Enes was our dive-master, and she was awesome. Coaching our new divers and pointing out underwater sights to all.

7 July, 2004
No dives, but excellent snorkeling Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark Ray Alley. Angelica and Stacey got attacked by Oscar the Sea Turtle (who was only attacking Angelica and Stacey). Mike got attacked by a snorkeler from another boat. Enes shared an awesome ceviche and rum punch with us.

6 July, 2004
Two rough dives in between rain squalls with 2' running waves.

5 July, 2004
Night dive at Hol Chan Marine Reserve cut, with sleeping sting rays.
Dive at Pillar Corals
Dive at ...

4 July, 2004
No dives, but fun trip to the Belize Zoo and cabe tubing at Jaguar Paw resort.

3 July, 2004

2 July, 2004

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Dive trip to Crystal River, Florida with Mike, Joan, and a group from Adventure Scuba. Part of finally getting certified advanced scuba divers with NAUI.

6 March, 2004
The Devil's Den (36th dive, 26' for 15 minutes) - not that pleasant when there is a crowd of divers...

Deep Dive, Navigation Dive, and Search & Rescue Dive at the Blue Grotto.

5 March, 2004
Night/Low-Visibility Dive to "Catfish Hole" off the Crystal River Resort Pier (really nasty dive in sludge while harassed by bugs; 32nd dive to 13' for 20 minutes).
Boat Dive and Drift Dive in the Rainbow River at K.P. Hole State Park.

Snorkeling with Manatees in Kings Bay with Byrd's Underwater.

Dive trip to Bonaire, N.A. with Angelica, Stacey, Mike, Ben, Bill, Jan, and Joe.

6 July, 2003
Bonaire, 18th Palm (29th dive, 38' for 50 minutes)
Shore Dive with Erci and Gelca for photography

Bonaire, Cliff (28th dive, 74' for 42 minutes)
Sea Horse, Video Filmed, Batch of Shrimp near Clam

5 July, 2003
Bonaire, Salt Pier (27th dive, 37' for 60 minutes)
Awesome! Corals, shrimps, pygmy angels, jewelfish, big eels, pier pilings

Bonaire, Hilma Hooker (26th dive, 89' for 29 minutes)
Coral around wreck

4 July, 2003
Bonaire, Rock Pile (25th dive, 84' for 45 minutes)
clear shrimp, soft corals, wall, lovely deco stop, anemone

3 July, 2003
Bonaire, Andrea II (24th dive, 54' for 44 minutes)
Night Dive, lobster, eel, some equalizing trouble

Bonaire, Something Special (23rd dive, 62' for 46 minutes)
nice current, eel

Bonaire, 18th Palm (22nd dive, 44' for 34 minutes)
shore dive right off the Plaza Resort Beach for Bonaire Orientation

Dive trip to Cozumel, MX with Angelica, Stacey, Mike, and Lyra. Trying out our new micro-prene wetsuits.

1 June, 2002
Cozumel, Chankanaab (21st dive, 46' for 48 minutes)
Many, many fish; Jawfish; Huge Brain Coral; many fish liked my Dive Goddess Skin

Cozumel, Palancar Gardens (20th dive, 74' for 40 minutes)
Many swim-throughs, huge lobster, sea fans, gorgonians, red snapper

31 May, 2002
Cozumel, Cedral Pass (19th dive, 54' for 43 minutes)
Cherubfish (aka: Pygmy Angels)

Cozumel, Palancar Caves (18th dive, 77' for 33 minutes)
Lots of gorgeous swim-throughs, beautiful setting

30 May, 2002
Cozumel, Paradise (17th dive, 42' for 41 minutes)
Twilight/Night Dive, Octopus

Cozumel, San Fransisco (16th dive, 57' for 38 minutes)
Big French Angels, Black Coral

29 May, 2002
Cozumel, El Presidente (15th dive, 22' for 34 minutes)
Jewel Fish, Fire Coral, Black Coral - shore dive from the hotel to get buoyancy right

Dive Trip to Curacao, N.A. with Angelica and Stacey. All Curacao dives done with: dive skin or t-shirt and swimsuit, transpac II with travel wings, cobra, ATX-50, and 8-10 pounds of weight.

12 January, 2002
Curacao, Jan Thiel Bay (14th dive, 36' for 51 minutes)
23' average depth, 1827 PSi consumed, 9 pounds of lead, salt, boat, waves, and current, diveskin, 82 degrees in the water, 77 in the air

Curacao, Director's Bay (13th dive, 58' for 34 minutes)
38' average depth, 2147 psi consumed, 90' vis, 34 minutes, we saw a very large lobster

11 January, 2002
Curacao, Lion's Dive House Reef (12th dive, 41' for 45 minutes)
diving in a cool rain is nice

Curacao, Lion's Dive House Reef (11th dive, 58' for 40 minutes)
flatfish, large moray eel swimming, heavy surge

10 January, 2002
Curacao, Lion's Dive House Reef (10th dive, 52' for 42 minutes)
school of dark blue tangs, many damsels, Raoul

Curacao, Lion's Dive House Reef (9th dive, 55' for 46 minutes)
nested moray eel, very long wooly bristleworm (10"+), brain corals, gorgonians, angels, spotted blue damsel (jewelfish, yellowtail)

9 January, 2002
Curacao, Director's Beach (8th dive, 54' for 40 minutes)
big french angels, rock beauty, barrel sponges, vase sponge, spiney urchins, sgt major, foureye butterfly, plume worms, ivory bush coral, sea fan, flower coral, bar jack

Curacao, Saba Tug Boat (7th dive, 29' for 23 minutes)
spotlight parrotfish, bluehead wrasse, fairy basslet, french angel, giant tube sponges

We finally got around to getting certified. Went through Adventure Scuba of Chantilly with Stacey and Angelica. Ran into an old friend Matt Davis who happened to be working at Adventure Scuba and he ended up being our instructor.

24 November, 2001
Order Gear package deals from Adventure Scuba, Chantilly.



16 September, 2001
Certification Dive 4, and Specialty Dives for Buoyancy Control and Navigation
Millbrook Quarry , Haymarket, Virginia
Fresh Water (Quarry), Shore Dive, 76 degrees water, 22' visibility, 7mm farmer john and shortie, rental AquaLung Titan regulator, sad console, aluminum 80
Fourth Dive to 31 feet for 32 minutes with 16 pounds of weight (just right) in 58 degress air temperature
Interval of 1 hour 57 minutes
Peak Performance Bouyancy Adventure Dive to 30 feet for 30 minutes with 16 pounds at air temperature of 68 degrees
Interval of 1 hour 20 minutes
Navigation Dive to 31 feet for 40 minutes with 16 pounds at 74 degrees air temperature
Measurements: covered 100' measured by line with 29 kick strokes in 1 minute 25 seconds with Erci as my buddy. Fresh water at 25 - 31 feet of depth.
The air was cold enough and the water warm enough that we could see vapor rising, the barrels in the water are the submerged dive platform anchors.
Picture of Millbrook from Beach 1 Parking

15 September, 2001
Certification Dives 1, 2, & 3 (It has been so long since my first certification with PADI that I decided to re-certify)
Millbrook Quarry, Haymarket, Virginia
Fresh Water (Quarry), Shore Dive, 72 degrees water, 20' visibility, 7mm farmer john and shortie, rental AquaLung Titan regulator, sad console, aluminum 80
First Dive to 31 feet for 22 minutes with 20 pounds of weight, 55 degrees air
Interval of 29 minutes
Second Dive to 29' for 33 minutes with 20 pounds of weight, 60 degrees air
Interval of 2 hours 23 minutes
Third Dive to 40' for 39 minutes with 18 pounds of weight (closer), 71 degres air
Picture of the Quarry from Beach 1

Picture of the Picnic site

Picture of our Open Water Certification Class

Picture of Millbrook from Beach 1 Parking

In 1997, while vacationing in Negril, Jamaica; Erci and I took a resort dive course to get wet. The diving was not spectacular, but it was fun and it reminded me how much fun diving was.
20 May, 1997
Resort Dive
Negril Scuba Center , Negril Beach Club, Negril, Jamaica
Salt Water (Gulf of Mexico/Carribean), Boat Dive, Slight Current, 70 degreesF, 85' visibility, swimsuit and t-shirt
One dive to 40 feet for 23 minutes at the "Coral Gardens" (I think)

In 1987, while on a long temporary duty to Kadena Airbase in Okinawa, I took an PADI open water certification from instructor Joe Nadel with two co-workers: Robin and Dori. It was great fun, and in the waters of the China Sea off the West Side of Okinawa are spectacular diving sites.

22 August, 1987
Certification Dives 3 & 4
Onna Point , Okinawa, Japan
Salt Water (China Sea), Shore Dive, Mild Waves, Slight Current, 70 degrees F, 125' visibility, board shorts and short sleeved sweatshirt
First Dive to 33 feet for 44 minutes
Interval of 1:45
Second Dive to 60 feet for 36 minutes

15 August, 1987
Certification Dives 1 & 2
North End of the Kadena Seawall , Okinawa, Japan
Salt Water (China Sea), Shore Dive, 70 degrees F, 55' visibility, board shorts and short sleeved sweatshirt
First Dive to 33 feet for 36 minutes
Interval of 1:15
Second Dive to 33 feet for 37 minutes

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