History and Legends


International Medieval Institute, University of Leeds, Leeds, United Kingdom
The International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan
The Rural History Centre at the University of Reading
The Medieval Science Page
The Honourable Cordwainer's Company, historical shoemaking
Footwear of the Middle Ages, Marc Carlson's informative website A Record of European Armour and Arms through Seven Centuries, Sir Guy Francis Laking
Tales from Froissart
Facsimile of Über die Fechtkunst und den Ringkampf
Steve Bloch's Tent Pictures
House Greydragon, Pavillions
Maps of France in the Hundred Years War
Hundred Years War PBM Game
Société de l'Oriflamme
Société de l'Oriflamme, Hundred Years War Study
Société de l'Oriflamme, Siege Engines
Gaukler Medieval Wares
Recreating History Mag
Milites de Bec FAQ
Annenburg/CPB Projects on the Middle Ages
Shakespearean Insult
E-HAWK Military History Site
Le Poulet Gauche 16th Century France
Ancient Rome at Library of Congress
Labyrinth WWW Home Page
The Plague
14th-Century England
Le Louvre
DDay Maps
Turkish History
The Medieval Sourcebook
On-Line Reference Book for Medieval Studies
The Labyrinth
Online medieval Reference Book
Richard III Society
H-Net homepage
The Medieval English Longbow
General Bow Construction FAQ
Sagittarius Twente, Longbow information
Bow String making FAQ
A Guide to Shooting with Bow
Bibliotheque Nationale
Bibliothèque Nationale, King Charles V
Medieval Life & The Hundred Years War, According to the game from Erudite...
Outline History of the Hundred Years War, According to the game from Erudite...
Bibliotech Nationale, Manuscripts

the internet connection for medieval resources

The Mary Rose online

The Fransciscan Experience since 1182
hundred years war game
The Royal Budget, 1307-1337
Annual Incomes
Teams Middle English Texts
Medieval Institute Publications
Literature of Richard II's Reign and the Peasants' Revolt
Laking's European Armor and Arms
The Hundred Years War; Final Phase, This is some subversive Material of French origin - but the guy's into it.
WWW Medieval Resources
The Decameron Web
Medieval Sourcebook
The Medieval Science Page
Comitatus: A Journal of Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Byzantine and Medieval Web Links, Good Church Information
Museum of Dirt, John Arundel's Favourite Site
Fencing Manual from 1594

Legends and Stories

The Avalon Page


Gilbert Mercer's Stuff
Confrérie de la Malemort
LaBelle Compangie
Fröjel Gotlandica Vikings
The Ermine Street Guard
Wolfe's Company
Wolfe's Company
De Liebaart, Flanders 1302
Soper Lane, 15th C. Silkwomen
White Company, 15th Century
16th Century?
Reenactor Net
Tempus Vivit, German History
The Golden Lions of England
Kings Keep (aka: Windrose Armouries)
Red Company, Jeff Hedgecock
Historic Enterprises, Jeff Hedgecock

Robert MacPherson, Armouror
Billy & Charlie's Finest Quality Pewter Goods
Raymond's Quiet Press, a bit of SCA farb mixed in with decent repro castings
Purpleheart Armoury, makers of good waisters
The Jelling Dragon, supplier
Historical Glassware
Period Provisions interesting Iron Monger
Museum Replicas, be careful - but sometimes you can get good stuff here
Living History Magazine
The 77th/71st Highlanders, Inc., Peter's 18th Century group
Legio XX, Great Roman Re-enactors in the DC Area!
Medieval Institute at Western Michigan University
The Grey Company, List of Links

Society for Creative Anachronism

Current Middle Ages Server
Pennsic on the Web
Kingdom of Atlantia
Kingdom of Atlantia
Geographic Guide to Atlantia
Barony of Ponte Alto
Barony of Storvik
The Rolls Ethereal
Armory in the SCA
Ron Knight's SCA heraldry page
Online Armorial for the SCA
Middle English Dictionary
Medieval/Renaissance Food Homepage

Material Resources

WhipperWil Archery, a proven bowyer and fletcher - Bill Darr is a serious craftsman. He is providing LaBelle Company with almost all of our longbows.
Native Way, Archery
Tremont Nails, Nails
Stefano Benini, Bowyer
Ohio Hempery, Hemp Tow and Ropes
Alessio Cenni, Bowyer
Pacific Yew Longbows, Jay St. Charles
Historic Enterprises, Jeff Hedgecock
Gaukler Medieval Wares, Master Mark
Isaac Alexander's General Store, Early American
Textile Resources for the Re-enactor

Archery Links

Belvoir Bowhunters
Lancaster Archery Supply
Archery Mall onthe web
Footwear of the Middle Ages
FS Discount Archery
Ransey's Archery Links
Maryland Archery Supply

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