Gilbert Mercer

Gilbert has skills as a leatherworker, but he is currently the captain of the archers of Sir Geoffrey's retinue.
Gilbert comes from a tenant family of one of Sir Geoffrey's holdings. His father was a leatherworker. Gilbert had not intended to become a retainer; he originally hired on as an archer for the duration of the current campaign. Squire Brian du Boys knows good command material when he sees it, though, and offered Gilbert the position.
Gilbert is sweet on Ursula, and is a childhood friend of Father Barnard. When his skills as an archer are not needed, he works with Robert Carter. Gilbert is a great admirer of Sir Geoffrey, Lady Joan, and Brian.
Gilbert is humble and pious. He can annoy his fellows with his self-righteousness, especially since he won't waste his hard-earned pay on gambling.

Gilbert Mercer is an English archer, born on Sir Geoffrey Peale's demense near Southhampton in southern England in the year 1354.
Gilbert also repairs small leather goods and even makes sheaths and shoes when needed. Gilbert is in LaBelle Compangie, which is Sir Geoffrey's company of archers and armed men going to France to garrison a new holding there.
Gilbert and his friends like to sing common English songs of the time.

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