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Special Warning: It is no longer safe to run a computer without some security precautions:

Use of any of the following software is a large security risk: Be wary of email from strangers that has embedded hotlinks. Often the URL embedded is made to look like one ou are familiar with, but has a digit different or two letters transposed and is actually the URL to a malicious person's website. In most web browsers you can hold the mouse pointer still over the link and the URL will pop up after a moment. Carefully read it to be sure it goes to the place you think it does. Malcontents have become quite proficient at making websites that look like AOL, Hotmail, or AT&T login screens and ask for your id and password. Be careful.

Reputable Systems, an SGI reseller

Server Vendors

Amiga Computers, Information


Amiga A3000T at home:

SGI O2 at home:

abelard: my Silicon Graphics O2 workstatin at work:

heloise: my Apple PowerMac G5 at work:

Palm Tungsten C carried with me always:

Fujitsu Lifebook B142 on the road:

Heloise, my new Apple G4 Cube at home:

Athena, my PowerMac 6100 at home:

SuperMac S900 at home:

Erci's PowerMac G3/300:

Erci's PowerBook G3/300:

Mac Software:

Mac Books:

The Sysadmin Price List, A little fun
FreeCiv HomePage
FreeCiv, Amiga

DC Sage, Washington UNIX SysAdmins

Freeciv Rocks

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