Duncan Tiercel MacLeod

Duncan's arms are blazoned: "Per bend azure and vert, a falcon striking argent within a bordure countercompony sable and argent."

Duncan Tiercel MacLeod is an early 14th century falconer working on the estate of a wealthy English magnate in Northern Wales. Duncan's father fought in the Baronial Wars, and Duncan was reared on the lands his father's liege lord.

Duncan's time in the Current Middle Ages began in the Canton of Eternal Winds (Misawa AB, Japan) in the Barony of the Far West (the Far East), which is part of the West Kingdom.
Duncan has been a Pursuivant ExtraOrdinary in two kingdoms, he was the PE for Eternal Winds in 1988, and a PE in Storvik (Atlantia) in 1991. Duncan is not currently a member of the College of Arms. Duncan was also chronicler of the Tempest, the Canton Newsletter for Eternal Winds for a short time, and later the chonicler of the Drekkar, the Baronial newsletter of Storvik for a year.
Duncan has been to four Pennsic wars: Pennsic XX with Clan Cambion, Pennsic XXI, Pennsic XXV, and Pennsic XXVI with House Azami. At Pennsic XXV Duncan became apprenticed to Earl Laeghaire o' Laverty (Laurel for Leatherwork and Wood Carving).

I have pretty much dropped out of the SCA because there is more rediculous political gesturing than historical research. I joined because I was interested in learning about medieval history, and perhaps in helping educate the public on medieval history. I no longer believe the SCA is capeable of reaching either goal, so I have dropped out of the SCA. I still attend SCA events that are serious attempts at recreating a period event, and may attend an SCA University from time to time in hope of sharing medieval knowledge - but please do not ask me my opinion on the local SCA royalty. I don't think there should be any. I also do not think there should be any awards.

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