Ballroom Dancing, Arthur Murray Style

Erci and I have been going to the Tyson's Corner Arthur Murray Dance Studio since May 1996, and it is quite possibly one of the best things we have done together. We checked out of Bronze I on January 25th, 1997; Bronze II on July 30th, 1997; Bronze III on July 6th, 1998; and Bronz IV on May 5th, 1999. We are now taking Silver IV lessons in Fox Trot, Waltz, Swing, West Coast, Rumba, Mambo, Samba, Tango, and Cha Cha, Viennese, QuickStep, Bolero, and we just added Paso Doble to our program. Arthur Murray is certainly not cheap, but it is worth every penny you pay (remember that for each private lesson you are tying up a professional instructor's time). The Washington D.C. Area Arthur Murray Studios are all affiliated, and one of their chief advantages over competing studios is that they have private instruction, group instruction, practice sessions with instructors, and regular social events (two Freestyle competitions and two Showcases of recitals a year). Very few other studios enjoy as complete and as diverse a mix. I really like the one on one time when I am learning a new step or improving my technique, and I like the group classes for reenforcing that new technique and learning to lead different ladies/followers. The instructors can teach just about anyone to dance, and the Tyson's Corner Studio has an incredibly professional staff of instructors. They are quite simply, the best.

Contact Tyson's Corner Studio at 703-556-0088, tell them Scott and Erci sent you. They have newcomer and guest classes every Tuesday at 7:00pm, every Friday night at 7:45pm, and every Saturday at noon. The class takes about 45 minutes, followed by another 45 minutes of practice. Wear shoes with a wooden, leather, or suede sole (no rubber soles, please). Be prepared for a sales pitch at the end of your first lesson, but frankly it is really worth it...

I am trying to get the studio managers to put more information about their studios up on the web, but so far they have been old fashioned except for Gaithersburg, Maryland.

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Directions to Arthur Murray, Tyson's Corner, VA

The studio moved in April of 1997 to 8603 Westwood Center Drive, suite #205, in Vienna, VA. Take the Dulles Toll Road (route 267) to the Route 7 east exit, head east on route 7 (Leesburg Pike), turn right at the first light (Tyco / Westwood Center; at the Cadillac Dealer and what used to be the American Cafe). Turn left just before Ringmaster's Deli and Ringling Brothers Circus, drive past Oriental Regency to the Parking Garage, and go all the way to the top of the garage. Take the foot bridge over the street into the building, the studio is on the right hand side.

Types of Dances

Places that you can do some ballroom dancing:

Erci and I have also done some English Country Dances through the SCA. My own favourites are Trenchmore, Hole in the Wall, Picking up Sticks, and Black Nag. A long time ago I learned the Dance of Kestrils in the Canton of Kestrils/Eternal Winds in the Palatine Barony of the Far West (Misawa AB, Japan), but I have since forgotten it. If anyone reading this knows the steps - please write to me. It was danced to the Mannheim Steamroller song "Toota Lute" off Fresh Aire II.

Other Dance Links (thanks Erci and Reid):

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