Scott's Photo Gallery

Here I am (as El Zorro would say) as I appeared only short while ago. Of course this statement begs for a lengthy dissertation on exactly what is meant by the word short by one of my more critical friends...
The Lorton Volunteer Fire Department brought in a photographer as a fund raiser in March of 1995. Like many men before and after me, I was dragged into a photo session by my lovely wife. It actually turned out pretty painless, and giving the resulting photos to friends and family proved almost enjoyable. Honest! I suggest to you that if your significant other tries to drag you to the photographer, let them win this one. It can be rewarding, and it certainly will not hurt.
We are probably overdue for some newer photos, but we are getting so many from the ballroom dance events we go to, that I doubt either of us feel a great need for fresh portraits any time soon.

Portrait of Erci Nolan

It was a very casual affair with about 100 of our closest friends and family all set to have fun. I think it was a success, we found balloons in our apartment for months afterward.
Here we are together, the way I hope we spend the rest of our lives. Erci is a dream cook, and I let her use my kitchen to prepare the fabulous meals she turns out on a regular basis. It is my kitchen to keep clean though, and this works for us most of the time.
We take ballroom dancing lessons together at the Tyson's Corners Arthur Murray Dance Studio. We play in Jeff Tyeryar's fantasy role playing game from time to time. We are active members of LaBelle Compangie, our favourite midieval reenactement group. We work togther at the world's largest and most popular online service (which really is an entertainment industry with lots of techies). We ride our bicycles together whenever we remember we own bikes, and the weather is nice. We are riveted to each new episode of Babylon5 as it comes out. Life is pretty good.

Portrait of Scott Nolan

The great thing about being dragged to the photographer, is that we got great pictures of both of us... Here is the result of some of the shots of my beloved wife.
In fact, this is one of my favourite photos of Erci. I think it captures her sometimes micheiveous nature.
When I met Erci she was teaching newcomers to the Society for Creative Anachronism how to do heavy weapons combat in accordance with SCA rules. We were friends for many years until I realized she was dating people. That changed my perspective a bit, and our first "date" was at a Ruby Tuesday restaurant in Landmark Shopping Center. I proposed marriage while standing under the stars at Pennsic XXI, and brought her a courting gift every day of that week. Our wedding was in October of 1993, at St Mark's Lutheran Church in Springfield, Virginia.

Portrait of Erci and Scott Nolan

Scott and Erci at Freestyles, September 1998

Soon to come, pictures from ballroom dancing, and shots of the ferrets...