Photos from our December 1998 trip to Las Vegas

All pictures taken by Mike Fischer on his Kodak DC-200 Digital Camera. Images used here with his permission only.

This is a shot of DanB, Erci, myself, and Mike in the shopping mall inside the lovely Luxor Hotel and Casino.
DanB, Erci, Scott, and Mike in the Luxor

DanB and I imitate Cirque du Soleil figures at the O shop in Hotel Bellagio.
DanB and Scott being silly.

The view from the helicoptor over the strip in Las Vegas.
Vegas from a Maverick Tours Helicopter

Two shots of Hoover Dam from the Maverick Tours helicoptor.
Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam

The Grad Canyon as Bill showed it to us, he was our fun pilot.
Grand Canyon

The view from where we set down in the canyon to have lunch.
Grand Canyon

Stopping for lunch in the Canyon: Scott (always hungry) and Bill the pilot, in front of the machine.
Grand Canyon, having lunch

The view from the eleventh floor of the pyramid in the Luxor.
The Luxor Interior

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Last updated: January 5th, 1999