Photos from our November 1999 trip to Cupertino and San Fransisco

The Cupertino Inn is where Erci and I like to stay when visiting the South Bay Area (Silicon Valley). It is close (walking distance) to her Dad's house and the Apple Campus, and it is only a few minutes from Sunnyvale, Saratoga, Los Gatos, Santa Clara, Los Altos, and Mountain View. It is easy striking distace to both Ridge and Bonny Doon.

The Hotel Monaco, San Fransisco is the place we stayed at on our most recent trip to San Fransisco. The rooms are beautiful, the service surpasses excellent, and they let you have a goldfish in your room if you like (supplied by the hotel). The Grand Cafe (in the Hotel Monaco) is excellent, as is Maya on 2nd and Harrison.

While we were in San Fransisco, we happened by the Weinstein Gallery, and being in tourist mode we stepped inside just to look at the art without any real intention of buying any. Well, we were completely impressed by both the hospitality of X and the beautiful artwork of Gabriel Picart. Impressed enough that we bought two pieces, Gypsy and Red Blossoms. Gypsy should appear on the right... gypsy.jpg

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