Photos from our May 1997 trip to Negril Jamaica

This is the beach at Negril, right outside our Hotel (the Negril Beach Club) looking North along the seven mile beach. Notice how the water and the sky almost match in color...
The Beach at Negril

Erci standing in front of Y.S. Falls (lower falls) in Jamaica. Yep she did the braids thing, as did I, though I only did two braids.
Erci in front of Y.S. Falls

Erci on the beach in front of the hotel...
Erci on the Beach at Negril

Erci and I together enjoying one of the many splendid sunsets at Negril.
Erci and Scott at sunset in Negril

Another Negril sunset - two photos worth...
Sunset from Negril, Jamaica Sunset from Negril, Jamaica

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Last updated: January 5th, 1999