Home Automation Wish List

This is a simple list of home automation needs/wants for the new house.

We might be using the folks at Cropp-Metcalfe Services for a lot of the smart systems in our new home. Another good contendor are the folks at iWired (iwired.com) who have a very good handle on the technology. Tim Byrnes of Wired (703-328-0925, wiredpros@home.com) is consulting with Cropp-Metcalf and myself to handle all the low-voltage wiring, the home audio and video systems, and the phone/intercom system. It looks like they (Cropp-Metcalfe) are pushing the OnQ HMS 1050 security system (they were talking about the ITI Concord, but switched when we expressed interest in X10 interfaces) , which looks very capeable. They are also giving out brochures from Smart Systems Technologies (who sadly have a neat flash opener on their site that does not allow non-flash capeable browsers by, so if you have a non-flash browser try: http://www.smartsystemstech.com/sst/ instead). Warning this website is useless with JavaScript turned off, making them an unfriendly vendor IMHO.

Disaster Preparedness:

Lighting: Networking: Security System:

Climate Control:

Telephone: Cable Plant and Plug/Plate Locations and Breakouts: Window Covering Systems (Drapery/Blind motors for Eastern Exposures):
Sense really bright sunlight, and shut blinds/drapes automatically. Surge Suppressors: Video: Home Control Systems: Whole House Music Systems: Inventory of A/V Gear we already own and will be moving into the new home:

Get a Rainbow (rainbowsystem.com) eSERIES Vacuum Cleaner (Water, Separator, and HEPA Filter) with:

Dirttrap.com says our nearest distributer is: Holsinger Enterprise, Carl Holsinger, 3191 Swift Shoals Road, Boyce, VA 22620, 540-837-1781

Animal Repellers: Light Sensor:

Sprinkler System:

- device added to sprinkler system to cut off sprinkler if rain detected.
- timers for delivering limited water

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Whole House Surge Supressor

$80-$250 in the Smart Home catalog

X10 Signal Block and Coupler

Ballroom - need new speakers, will re-use current equipment for receiver, CD, turntable.
Family room - surround sound speakers needed
Want to be able to play ballroom audio in family room as well.
Want to play ballroom audio in gameroom? or will it have own audio

Home Theater

screen approx. 72 inches diagonal (72 * 3 = 216, or 18 foot viewing length)

ceiling mounted projector - need to get

Bedroom TV: 48" for 12' viewing length

Family Room TV: 36" (36 * 3 = 108, or 9 feet viewing length)
32" gives 8' viewing length
25" gives 6'3" viewing length
20" gives 5'
13" gives 3'3"

Theatre Lighing:

Technology and Automation

We have had several recommendations for Audio/Video/Data suppliers:

Alex Ballard
Daytime: 703-810-5523
Mobile:    703-851-0456

Several of our friends have recommended (for Audio/Visual/Data): Intergrated Media Systems (Tom Wells - 703-448-0736) 8460 Tyco Road, Vienna, VA 22182 Intergrated Media Systems Another recommends (for both Security and Audio/Visual/Data): National Security Inc, (Lou Gibbs - 703-273-5555) National Security Inc Future Smart Jeffrey Watkins recommends: 703-273-5555 National Security Inc, Lou Gibbs National Security Inc Future Smart Mike Fischer Recommends: Intergrated Media Systems (Tom Wells) Ken Hunstman Recommends: Intergrated Media Systems (Tom Wells) using CAIN Security (703) 448-0736 (Tom) Cain - Patricia (Patty) Sharkey (703) 360-1900 FourSharks@aol.com Ant Hoffman Recommends: Intergrated Media Systems (Tom Wells) Everyone recommends AGAINST using: Electronic Interiors 2000, LLC Gerald Colosimo 101 Chestnut Street, Suite 200 Gaithersburg, MD 20877 301-670-2882 Chris Brewer (marketing, returned call) 301-758-1902 cell 301-926-5270 home

Scott has been dilligent and found nearly every home automation/alarm company on the web:

American Smart Home (Tim Horan)

We used Midway Alarms (Lou Miller) 301-490-6915 / 800-366-6915 fax - 301-490-7455 13 C Street, Suite A Laurel, MD 20707

Home Technology Systems, Inc,
Smart America,
SmartHome Systems and Smart Home are suppliers of parts/devices/kits only, they are not installing companys (integrators) - though their catalogs and webpages are very informative.

Smart Valley has a guide to Networking the Home.

I can't find Smart House on the web.

Cisco Routers for the home
Family Electronics has products that are interesting and useful.
MIS, Smart Pads and devices
Smart Home Systems
Wired for Living, Wired for Life
National Resources Defense Council, stuff about energy efficiency and hazardous materials... lots of information, some propoganda...
Western Power, Smart Home has allergy information and clever ideas - interesting...
Logic Drive has home networking solutions
Smart Corp
Smart Home Pro
Home Toys
Smart Home Links, Information
Automated Smart Home
Energy Smart
Smart Home Tech
Smart Theatres
Canadian Chinese Connection, information about Smart homes
Our Smart
New Communications Technology, information and philosphy
Electronic Environments
Smart Home Index
Alarm Depot
Crestron Remote control systems

Wiring and Video Equipment

Authors: Erci Nolan, Email address: enolan at aol.net and Scott Nolan, Email address: snolan at scottnolan.org (How to send us email)
Last updated: November 13th, 2002