What is different about a "Limited Edition", "Special Edition", or "Can Am" 914?

Photo of a White 1974 Porsche 914/2.0 SE

In 1974, Porsche created a "Special Edition" or "Can-Am" version of the 2.0L 914. This car had all of the "regular" options, both Sport Group and Appearance Group options, with one or two differences. There were three choices of paint scheme--white with orange trim (shown above), white with green trim, or black with yellow trim (most desired, show below). A different front spoiler was added below the front bumper. Specially painted alloy wheels were used, with accents matched to the trim color of the car. They had bumpers painted the trim color instead of chrome or black, as on the other 74 914s. They did not have the vinyl rollbar trim, but did come with the center console, leather shift boot, leather steering wheel, dual horns, and the swaybars and Bilstein shocks which were optional on the other 914s. These cars are less common than other 914/4s, and are somewhat more valuable as a result.

1974 914 Yellow-black Racer 2.6 Limited Edition
1974 914 Yellow-black Racer 2.6 Limited Edition.

Example 914 LE
Made only in February and March of 1974
Exterior Paint Color/Code: BLACK WITH YELLOW TRIM / U1V9

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