Rumba, Erci and Scott, November 1999

Start back to back
Wait through the first slow count
Two second position peekaboos while back to back
Man turns to face lady on the close from his second peekaboo
Half Box to Fiesta Break + Basket
Half Box to 5th position to 2 Cuban Promenades with Pivot out
Open break to 5 back spots with woman's turn on 2nd + 4th
Open break to underarm turn to lunge in close (right arm grip), lunch apart on back leg
close front leg to back while cross body lead into open break then
flirtation turn
she does spiral/he does 2nd position
one part rio grande
slow quick, quick back to side the
ladies rt + lf spirals to 2nd position break ending

Author: Scott Nolan, Email address: snolan at (How to send me email)
Last updated: September 24th, 1999